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Meet the Experts

Name: Bob Zagaros
Position: President/Owner
Years at Bergstrom: 39
Years in Jewelry Business: 42

It gives me great pleasure to know that we are providing our customers with great value and providing customer service that is second to none!

Bob Zagaros

Name: Cindi Bergstrom Kranz
Position: Buyer/Owner
Years at Bergstrom: 37
Years in Jewelry business: 39

I love following the world of fashion and finding pieces for the store that reflect the current trends.

Cindi Kranz

Name: Barb Bergstrom Brewer
Position: Sales Associate
Years at Bergstrom: 5
Years in Jewelry business: 5

I enjoy seeing the excitement on the faces of the guys when they pick up their rings. Always fun to hear how they plan to propose.

Barb Brewer

Name: Rod Else
Position: Senior Sales Associate
Years at Bergstrom: 17
Years in Jewelry business: 30

Favorite Part of job: Interacting and developing relationships with the people that come in for special life celebrations.

Rod Else

Name: Dino DiPerna
Position: Senior Sales Associate
Years at Bergstrom: 15
Years in Jewelry business: 35

Favorite Part of job: Earning the trust, confidence and often times friendship of customer’s now and for years to come…

Dino DiPerna

Name: Rebecca Boland
Position: Sales Associate
Years at Bergstrom: 3
Years in Jewelry business: 5

My Favorite Part of Job: Meeting new customers and establishing lifetime relationships to meet their jewelry needs.

Rebecca Boland

Name: Mary Kay Lange
Position: Sales Associate
Years at Bergstrom: 2
Years in Jewelry business: 27

My Favorite Part of My Job: Working with customers, going that extra mile, to get exactly what they want, especially if it means custom making it and seeing their reactions when they pick it up.

Mary Kay Wensole

Name: Liz Pomish
Position: Insurance Claims Specialist/Sales Associate
Years at Bergstrom: 1
Years in Jewelry business: 23

I strive to build relationships with customers and working with them to find the perfect piece.

Liz Pomish

Name: Mike Judes
Position: Watchmaker
Years at Bergstrom: 13
Years in Jewelry business: 37

As one of 12 licensed watchmakers in Minnesota, I love working on our customer’s watches, and talking about them. Every watch has a story.

Mike Judes

Name:Connie Psihos
Position:Designer/Custom Jeweler
Years at Bergstrom: 12
Years in Jewelry business: 37

Using my artistic skills, I love to work with clients, interpreting their ideas and bringing them to reality.

Connie Psihos

Name: Zach Tregoning
Position: Jeweler
Years at Bergstrom: 3
Years in Jewelry business: 3

I enjoy the challenge to work on a piece of worn or broken jewelry, and find a creative way to make it look new.

Zach Tregoning


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